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-Lively and athletic Border collie

-Loves to chase cars

-Not fussy on food, will leave food

-He loves cuddle and falls asleep on our chests like a little baby

-Very fast and agile




-12 Year old rescue cat

-Hates men, except men she knows

-Loves to annoy the dog

-Gives socks kisses in the morning

-Loves her food will eat anything

-She is always cleaning, Cleanest cat ever



- Lovely Cocker Spaniel

- Had him from a puppy right up till 14 years of age

-He loved to put socks in his place

-He liked to dig his treats in freshley planted plants and veg.

-Loved chasing goats

-Loved food


R.I.P Ben we miss you so much love you.



-Lively hamster

-He was mad he always looked like he was up to something suspicious

-He liked to climb to the top of the cage then drop and do this over and over again

-He bit maisy on the nose the first day we had him

-He was never scared of anything


                                                         R.I.P Riddle miss you so much love you.



- She was a very quite hamster

- Didnt eat much

-Liked to sleep alot

-Never bit not once

-She used to mive beds every night



R.I.P Riddlette miss you so much love you .

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